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renjigurl14's Journal

I somewhat recently have become addicted to the JE group Arashi. It's been about a year now. My fangirling of groups usually does't last that long. Besides arashi the group i had like for he longest time was PATD (lasted for only about 9 months). But Arashi is the best thing that could ever happened to any fangirl. Ohno is silent but for some reason really funny and equally kawaii. Aiba-chan is the same and he's really pretty. Nino is a magic loving, snide comment making, secret DoS that you can't help but to love. Sho-kun is comprised of fail and mama henness and kinda resembles a chipmunk but a chipmunk could never be so cute. Jun is the probably the worst singer out of all of them, but he tries really hard and he really does care about everyone in the group eventhough his appearence might tell you otherwise. What can i say I've been sucked into the fandom, becuase Arashi stole my Soul Soul XD